Home Church

Mid Week Home Church...

We have various locations across PEC where small groups of people meet to explore the teaching and Scripture from the previous Sunday morning.

As a small community we look to hear from God how we can apply our learning to our own lives and to look for ways to take our next step towards Jesus. No question is off limits and each group is a safe place for people to explore their faith and get answers as to how this relevant today.

If you live in an area other than these three please call as we would be happy to explore starting a new group!

        Sunday - Following church service at approx 11:30am at WLCC

Hosts & Leaders: Sam & Jenny Shepherd at (613) 243-9900

Childcare provided

        Wednesday night - West Lake Community Church - 6 PM

Leader: Brent Babcock at (613) 242-5386

Childcare provided

Sunday night - 1526 Wesley Acres Rd. Bloomfield - 6 PM 

Hosts and Leaders - Bruce and Nancy Sergeant 


Please call before attending to ensure Home Church is meeting.