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Interview with Zack




This is the third in a series of interviews with real people who are journeying with us in our home churches here in PEC. For information on how to connect with one of our home churches or our Sunday expression at 10am please contact Pastor Brent Babcock at 613-707-2713

West Lake Community Church-Tracking with The Meeting House.




Zack, tell us about yourself and how you came to live here in PEC?

I was born and raised in The County, and even though I went to school in Belleville, The County has always been my home.  After high school, I went to find my own path.  Between YWAM (Youth With A Mission) trips, working in Australia, living in Toronto, and tree-planting, I fully enjoyed the time.  5 years later, I returned to my home to settle down and begin a career in Real Estate with Hartford and Stein Group Real Estate.


A lot of people have questions about God and faith and wonder if there is any relevance today. Could you share a little of your spiritual journey?

Of course!  Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by the church.  My family is full of strong Christians and I followed the mold laid out for me.  Attending Christian grade school and high school gave me the tools and foundations I needed, however, my faith wasn’t “mine”.  I wanted to figure out what MY journey looks like, what I believe.  Through my travels, I was able to see God in a way that I never thought I could, and a way, I think, I wouldn’t have found if I had stayed in my local mold.  My faith became real, it became mine.  Do I have it all figured out?  Of course not.  But when you personally know what you believe, it makes learning and growing that much more fun.


As a busy professional who has recently launched your career, how do you balance everything and why is exploring faith and God important for you?

As a Real Estate professional, I am constantly in communication with people.  Every day is something new and that part excites me.  Whether they are locals or from out of town, each person has their own unique story.  I am blessed to be in a career that lets me really listen to what those stories are.  Most importantly, as a Christian it gives me the space to tell others my story.  We are the salt and light of the earth and I am in a spot to live that out each and every day.  I am constantly being challenged and pushed to live out my faith in my real-world setting.


What things in your life experience have helped you in this spiritual journey and what would you share with others who may be in a similar place?

The biggest thing for me was making my faith my own.  It is easy for us to get comfortable and just accept what is around us.  When I took the opportunity to go out and travel, it was the best thing for me.  It forced me to fend for myself, to rely on God and to fully make my faith personal.  I think it is important for us to always be looking for what God has in store for us next.  I would challenge us to not get comfortable where we are.  We can always learn and always grow.  Sometimes that means travelling the world, but for most, it means just keeping our eyes and ears open to what Christ has in store for us.