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Interview with Bree




This is the forth in a series of interviews with real people who are journeying with us in our home churches here in Prince Edward County.  Bree Seeley and her family have been a part of our group for the past 2 years. Bree is passionate about life, family, faith and investing in The County.


Home church is where real church happens. It is a safe place to deepen your faith or even explore faith where no question is off limits. We spend time digging deeper into the teaching from the previous Sunday and look to see what God may be saying to us through that, through the Bible reading and then how we can apply it practically in our lives today. For information on how to connect with one of our home churches or our Sunday expression at 10am please contact Pastor Brent Babcock at 613-707-2713


West Lake Community Church-“Tracking with The Meeting House






Bree, tell us a little something about yourself.

I am married to an excellent guy and have two beautiful kids who are nutty in the best possible way. I also own the County Yum Club, a counter service restaurant serving delicious, good food. We moved to Cherry Valley from Toronto in 2012.






With everything you as a wife, mother, business owner and community member have going on, how does your faith in God play out day to day?


My Faith could be described as the outcome my spiritual odyssey.  If life is the teacher, my faith is my guide for who I want to be in all my roles. I seek substance and integrity in the opportunities at hand, so I see the bar as fairly high, a little tricky! I try hard to be intentional.




We all understand that faith can be easier in the good times of life but how about in the not so good times?


Life can be chock-a-block with challenges and society is often a combative place. I've come across a best teacher in Jesus and am encouraged that there is a movement to pursue his teaching simply and without the convoluted trappings of religion. In a small, home church group we talk plainly with one another and strive to sharpen one another on a Jesus perspective. I never have to be anything but transparent with my small group kin and there's a lot of support there. Moving out from that, I find that every time I can apply love, gentleness, humility compassion... to a situation - especially the toughest ones -I feel I'm trading from a wise place; it improves my interior life and that's a powerful tool.





Bree, many people have lost hope and do not see how faith in God is relevant in their lives. What has your experience been and how is your faith relevant today for you and your family?


I think there's some powerful paradoxes to embrace and that the muscle of popular culture does not represent human nature very well at all. No wonder so many feel hopeless. It's a very good thing to question the status quo. I know enough now that I recognize my Northern Star, the thing that illuminates and guides - it's Jesus. There's lots of cultural counter points to practice in those teachings and makes for loving, substantial foundation.